The STEM PUSH, an NSF INCLUDES Alliance, is a national network of of pre-college STEM programs, STEM and culturally responsive pedagogy experts, formal and informal education practitioners, college admissions professionals, the accreditation sector, and other higher education representatives. It is establishing a powerful collaborative improvement space using the networked improvement community (NIC) model and a “next generation” accreditation model that will serve as a mechanism for communicating the power of precollege programs to admissions offices.

Currently, Project Exploration is one of 17 pre-college STEM programs and the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative is one of four ecosystems – the goal is 40-45 PCSPs and 10 urban ecosystems. The STEM PUSH Network will initially work in four urban STEM Ecosystems (New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and the Bay Area). This is the first initial cohort. Together these partners are positioned to affect transformative change in post-secondary admissions. The expansion plan is rooted in the STEM Learning Ecosystem Community of Practice (SLECoP) model. SLECoP is a network of more than 90 ecosystems across the nation. SLECoP will identify six additional urban ecosystems during the project, based on factors that consider the number of STEM PCSPs, university partners and enthusiasm to expand the work.