The program

While potential is equally available, opportunities are not always equitably distributed. Because we recognize this, we are redistributing social capital by amplifying justice-oriented STEM practices. STEM Signing Day Mentors provides a break from structural norms and individualized thinking.

This mentorship program provides STEM Signing Day recipients and alum with support on their academic and career pursuits. STEM Signing Day Mentors will be a viable and incredible resource for our STEM Signing Day recipients and alum.


STEM Signing Day Mentors are STEM professionals, graduate and undergraduate faculty and students who are committed to supporting our local STEM Signing Day awardees and communities.

There are two mentorship cohorts. Cohort 1 matches mentors with prospective STEM Signing Day recipients who will be entering college this upcoming academic year. Cohort 2 matches mentors with STEM Signing Day alum who are currently pursuing a STEM related field in a college, university, or two year college.


Support STEM Signing Day awardees the future STEM workforce as they enter post-secondary education.

Help build relationships with STEM Signing Day awardees and potential employers.

Engage our potential future workforce early.

Support STEM Signing Day awardees with role models and mentors that can provide guidance and support.

Mentors can help to navigate the undergraduate and graduate educational journey by imparting wisdom and advice.

Increase awareness of and effectiveness in organizational role, self-actualization a resonating phenomenon (i.e., protégés/mentees become mentors themselves).


There will be 2 Cohorts of Mentors – one for alum/past STEM Signing Day recipients and one for 2021 STEM Signing Day recipients.

All meetings will be held virtually.

Mentors and mentees will be matched based upon the mentor application and surveys sent.

Mentors are expected to be available to your mentee outside of formal mentoring when needed via email, text, etc.

Expect this program to be, at minimum, a one-year mentoring relationship. Mentors can continue to meet with mentee at their discretion after the first year.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 5PM

The STEM Signing Day Mentorship Program is a great opportunity for professionals and students to form connections that can lead to tremendous personal growth for both the mentor and mentee.

Join us on February 4, 2021 to learn more about the timeline of the program, ways that mentors can be a resource to mentees, and more information about how to get involved.