Welcome to the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative blog! No doubt you’ve visited before during the project’s December 2012 convening (if not, please read below to see what you missed) or to catch up on the release of the State of STEM in OST Report.  We’re excited to be posting regular content each week to familiarize you with your colleagues and their work in the STEM OST community here in Chicago, share details about best practices, highlight useful tools, provide you with funding and policy briefs, and more.  Please join us next week, when we’ll share a fascinating conversation with Sarah Rand, the Associate Project Director of Research and Evaluation Director at the Center for Elementary Math and Science Education at the University of Chicago.  She and her team published an exciting series of reports within a study entitled “Building an Operating System for Computer Science” (OS4CS).  The was designed to develop a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the art for computer science teaching and learning at the high school level.  We’ll share the reports with you next week, as well as our conversation with Sarah.  We look forward to bringing you interesting, engaging content that will support your work in Chicago’s STEM OST community, and support our community at large.