Checking in with past STEM signing day honorees.

In 2020, Boeing, the Motorola Foundation, and the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative were able to honor fifty students from Chicago and eleven students from Gary. In the summer of 2020, family, friends, STEM advocates, and corporate partners were all gathered virtually to celebrate the honorees and their achievements. We’re happy to have been able to connect with some of our honorees from last year, who are now studying various STEM fields in college. Some of whom have shared some exciting news about the work they’re doing!

Not only are these students balancing school, work, and life, they are also adjusting to the challenges of remote learning, dealing with uncertainty, and coping with the impact of the pandemic. We want to take a moment to recognize and highlight their hard work and perseverance. This was not the college experience they envisioned, and yet they are still pushing through and making it work. They are leaders, change makers, and role models for future generations. Hats off to you all and the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative will continue to support you on the path you have set for yourself.

If you are a STEM Signing Day recipient from past years, reach out and let us know what you’ve been up to! And let us know how we can best support you. We’d love to hear and share your story.

Honoree Update Form


Here are some of the updates we received:


From Bernyss Kekeh, a Chemistry student at Brandeis University, “I am doing as best as I can in school at the moment, I have been interested in internships and mentoring opportunities pertaining to the medical field and the sciences.”

From Moyosoreoluwa Odugbemi, a Computer Science and Pre-med student at Emory University, “I am currently preparing for my first semester final exams. It’s been a very eventful semester and I’m glad I will be able to get through it. I’ve been on the lookout for computer scholarships and summer school scholarships. Because, I’m studying remotely, all of my work is online and I could us a computer that’ll support the amount of work I have to do. Also, I plan to take physics during the summer to be on track as a pre-med student, so I’ve been looking to apply to scholarships I can use for the summer semester.

Additionally, I’m looking to start a mentorship/tutoring program for high school students. I’m very passionate about helping students to achieve their educational goal and I hope to find an avenue to start doing this soon.

I am also looking to start research in equity in medicine next semester. This stems from the long year of health disparities that I have observed. I’m happy to connect with anyone that has similar goals as me and thank you for this avenue to reflect on the semester.”

From Emely Gramajo, a Pre Environmental Studies student at Purdue University, “So far I am doing good. First semester of college was a bit difficult but I know that I can push through it till the end!”

From Ernest Willingham, a Health Sciences student at Northeastern University, “Everything is great ! In spite of the pandemic , my first year is going amazing. I made the right decision by choosing Northeastern University as the school to pursue my undergraduate degree.”

From Terrance Wynne, a Criminology student at Loyola University, “College been tough because of this pandemic we’re going through. I’m pushing through it though so I can achieve my degree in Criminology.

Thank you all for sharing an update with the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative. You’re doing amazing work and we look forward to what you will continue to do!


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