Mission and Vision

This network works across our city to support:

  • Coordinated efforts between in- and out-of-school time providers to ensure seamless STEM experiences in all aspects and stages of young people’s lives;
  • Strategic coordination of funding opportunities to generate systematic impact;
  • Intentional efforts to increase collaboration between in-school PreK-12, STEM OST, higher education, and industry to advance STEM workforce development;
  • Communities of practice amongst all advocates for STEM learning to support systematic program quality improvement, measurement, and evaluation;
  • Coordinated, centralized, openly-accessible data regarding STEM learning, including where programs occur, when they occur, who participates, and what they offer;
  • The creation of a common vocabulary and shared metrics for STEM experiences to ensure that the city “speaks the same language” regarding STEM programs and education;
  • Professional development for informal and formal educators, which will support their ability to engage, inspire, and educate the youth with whom they work.

 Our vision for our city:

  • All students of all abilities and levels of performance grow up with access and exposure to developmentally- appropriate, engaging, authentic STEM experiences, and emerge from high school STEM-literate and prepared to enter the field of their choice;
  • Underserved communities and underrepresented populations – including geographically isolated, low-income populations – benefit from increased access to authentic STEM experiences;
  • All educators and teachers – in both formal and informal settings – are provided the tools and support to ensure that their students are STEM competent and STEM literate;
  • Thriving, meaningful STEM pathways that nurture youth holistically, leading to STEM-based careers and thoughtful participation in an increasingly complex world;
  • Families of all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds understand the value and impact of STEM in the lives of their children;
  • Chicago leads Illinois and the nation in STEM workforce development through the coordinated efforts of our stakeholders.